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Chime Bank is making banking easy. The Chime Banking system offers a completely updated way to maintain control over your finances, with most features being possible to execute right from your smartphone.

Chime Banking comes with a plethora of features for managing your money in the digital age. However, one of the most widely appreciated features of a Chime Bank Account is its Fee-Free Overdraft Protection.

Fee-Free Overdraft Protection

Chime Bank understands that life happens. Regardless of how well you manage your money, some situations are out of your control. Namely, sometimes your account goes into a state of overdraft.

According to Forbes, Americans Paid $34 Billion In Overdraft Fees. That is just overdraft fees and that was only an estimation of Americans. However, Chime Bank knew long before this statistic came out that overdraft fees were way out of control.

Whether it was that one last latte before payday or paying your rent and finding out too late you are a little short, accidents happen. Fortunately, Chime Bank Accounts are here to help.

Chime Banking is known for never charging customers unnecessary fees. Therefore, it never made much sense to the proprietors of Chime Bank to punish their account holders for not having enough money by taking more money. 

Thus, the Fee-Free Overdraft Protection system was born. Chime Bank accounts will cover overdrafts in your account, up to $100 without a fee. Therefore, you can do what you have to do, without being punished for something that happens to everyone at one time or another. 

Other Features

In addition to the premier Fee-Free Overdraft Protection, there are also a lot of other features that make banking with Chime even more affordable:

  • Get paid up to 2 days early with direct deposit: That means you don’t have to wait for payday! You can get paid two days earlier than your co-workers. 
  • Grow your savings automatically: Using the Round-Ups feature, you can save money every time you make a transaction or get paid. 
  • No hidden bank fees: This helps you stay in control of your finances.

Ultimately, Chime Bank understands the world is changing and people need a better way to bank that is safe, affordable and reliable. That is why Chime Bank Accounts offer fee-free overdraft protection, along with their many other convenient banking features.

For more information or to open your new Chime Bank Account, visit the Chime website today!