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When we talk about shopping, it usually means taking money from your wallet. This is not the case for Instacart Shoppers, because for them, shopping is a way to earn cash.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is a grocery delivery service which aims to give clients fresh supplies at the comfort of their homes. To do this, Instacart employs Shoppers. Shoppers are workers who make money through a shop-and-deliver process. First, they take orders from their Instacart Apps. They then proceed to local stores in order to complete the list of needed items. Afterwards, they deliver the items to the client’s address.

There are two types of Shoppers: Independent Contractors and Part-time Employees. Independent Contractors can work an unlimited number of hours every week, and they are responsible for shopping and delivering. On the other hand, part-time employees can work for up to 29 hours weekly, and they are in-store shoppers that are not required to have a vehicle for deliveries. If you think that one of these Instacart worker types fit your preferences, then you should try it.

How much can a Shopper make?

The mean earnings that an Instacart Shopper can make ranges from $150 to $500. The company also includes additional payment of $3 every time a client rates you with a 5-star. They pay out weekly every Wednesday.

Who is eligible to work?

Those who are aged 18 years and above can become an Instacart Shopper. However, people who are older than 21 can get more tips as they are eligible to deliver alcoholic beverages. Shoppers are required to have a smartphone for easy access to the app. They should also be able to carry 40-plus pounds worth of items for delivery purposes.

How to get started?

Here are 5 things that you need to start your job as an Instacart Shopper:

1.)    Create and verify your account at This is a crucial aspect of the process, as you need the account to take orders, do deliveries, and get paid. Basic information is necessary such as name, address, and even credentials since Instacart will require background checks.

2.)    Attend a job orientation. This can help give a general idea on what your job will be like. Orientations are available especially for part-time workers so that they can experience the tasks before starting to work as a shopper.

3.)    Fill-up documents. Prior to starting your job, you are required to fill out several agreements and tax forms.  

4.)    Download the Instacart app. This is where you’ll confirm and affirm the tasks that will be given to you. Instacart app takes care of orders, items, deliveries, and schedules. This will also be your way of communicating with customers.


If you’re seeking for an enjoyable way to make money, then Instacart might be the side hustle for you. It can also be a full-time venture depending on your tastes! It takes a few steps to start you Instacart Shopper journey, and the job pays a good amount of cash. Sign-up for Instacart here.