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Do you ever wonder what’s lurking in your email inbox? Most of us have a mash-up of old shopping receipts, sale notifications from our favorite brands and, probably, some hilarious email chains between friends. Nothing too interesting. And definitely, no hidden money lingering behind those subject lines, right? Wrong!

Just like turning over your couch cushions or digging between your car seats can reveal some spare change, if you search through your old emails a little more, you might be in for a real surprise – cold hard cash waiting for you.

It All Starts With This Little Known Fact

Most online retailers will give you a refund if you purchase a product and it later goes on sale.

How many times have you made a purchase online just to see the price marked down the very next day? Let’s face it, online shopping is the most convenient thing that’s happened to us in the last century. But even with convenience there comes challenges around feeling confident that you’ve found the best price.

A Money-Finding Personal Assistant

Keeping track of these price changes manually would be too time-consuming. What you really need is a personal assistant whose only job is to find cashback opportunities for you. That’s basically what, Paribus, does. Paribus is a new free service from Capital One®, created to save you money after you buy online.

It works by scanning your email inbox to find old shopping receipts. Then, it compares the price you paid to the current listed price at the online store. If what you purchased is now on sale, you automatically get refunded the price difference. And all of this happens without you having to lift a finger.

Other Ways to Save

Aside from constantly monitoring store prices to find you the best price, it also works to get you compensated for delayed deliveries and helps you keep track of any store returns. That way you can always make sure that your returns are received and your refunds get processed in a timely manner.

Even when the app can’t get you an automatic refund, they’ll send you alerts to let you know about a price drop, so you can contact the store yourself. And their free browser extension helps find coupons that you can apply directly in the shopping cart for instant savings.

Best of all, it works with all of your favorite stores. Paribus monitors online stores like Amazon, J. Crew, Target and more. You’ll never have to wonder again if you’re getting the best price. And with that extra cash lying around, you can treat yourself to some more online shopping!

Getting Started is Easy

Here’s how to get started today:

  1. Connect Paribus to your email inbox and just shop online as usual.
  2. The app will track your confirmation emails and watch for price changes. When a refund is available, they’ll automatically send it to your bank account.
  3. You can sign up at to start saving money today. In the future, you might think twice before purging your inbox, as there could be some real money-saving opportunities within!

Sign up at to start earning today.